Modernizing data management with MongoDB and IBM POWER8

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How is your organization modernizing data management? One of the most compelling, popular ways is with Database as a Service (DBaaS) solutions. It’s easy to understand why–DBaaS starts by reducing the time to procure and install database infrastructure like MongoDB Enterprise Server, and it also makes it much easier to centralize security control, ensure high ...read more

How suite it is: Introducing the IBM Platform LSF Suites

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Organizations are constantly searching for ways to be competitive, and industries are increasingly leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) to help bring better quality products to market more quickly. Along with the proliferation of HPC, however, IT departments are often forced to walk a tightrope, balancing user demands for compute and storage with budgets and getting the ...read more

Six surprising facts about IBM Systems that every IT professional should know

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Did you know that industry leaders in finance, travel and transportation, insurance, and retail have built their businesses on IT infrastructure from IBM Systems? More and more, infrastructure is playing a major role in driving business outcomes, and IBM Systems is helping IT leaders to be seen as a trusted service provider, enabling cognitive business. ...read more

IBM POWER8 CPU and NVIDIA Pascal GPU speed ahead with NVLink

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A little over a year ago IBM, NVIDIA and the Department of Energy announced a collaborative effort to build two new supercomputers by 2018, each over 100 petaflops, for the Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore National Labs. This week, IBM and NVIDIA take a big step forward towards building these two supercomputers by overcoming a ...read more

How to survive after Moore’s Law

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As Intel’s recent announcement (on 31 March 2016) reminds us that the promise of Moore’s Law continues to decline, many are asking the question “What’s next?” IBM Power Systems saw this coming several years ago and, with an ecosystem of POWER8 innovators in the OpenPOWER Foundation, transitioned Power Systems to focus on delivering value to ...read more

Excel with IBM Power Systems at InterConnect 2016

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How do you deliver the best performance at the best cost to your customers in today’s rapidly changing environment? Stick with a solution that can enable you to deliver faster insights with superior economics through flexible private and hybrid cloud offerings built on open standards. At IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas February 21-25, IBM Power ...read more

Optimized, integrated systems for Spark and Hadoop

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As medium and large-enterprise clients look to expand their business insights by applying analytics to big data, they require a cost-effective, high-performing, resilient and secure infrastructure. These businesses are taking various approaches to organizing their structured and unstructured big data for analytics, including the following: Offloading their historical operational data from a data warehouse to ...read more

Top three things you need on your InterConnect agenda

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The New Year kicked off with a frenzy of activity, and with February already here, you may be wondering if you really want to spend a week in Las Vegas at IBM InterConnect 2016. Here are three reasons I’m excited to attend: Unbeatable networking InterConnect is the best bang for your buck when it comes ...read more

Linux has become enterprise class. Will your platform follow?

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We may not always realize it, but Linux surrounds our lives. Formerly a low-cost operating system for x86 based on open standards, Linux has become a complete platform ready for the needs of a large enterprise. It runs on the appliances in your home, the gadgets in your pocket, the self-service check-in machines at the ...read more