How Power Systems and OpenPOWER enable acceleration

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This is the era of accelerated computing. Today, modern data-centric applications are driving a need for much higher I/O throughput. These performance levels are magnifying the shortcomings of traditional I/O architectures. The only way to turn today’s masses of data into competitive advantage is with an accelerated IT infrastructure built for continued advancement in advanced ...read more

IBM Edge 2016: Accelerate innovation in an open ecosystem with Power Systems

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Keeping up isn’t enough for IT leaders at competitive organizations that place a premium on rapid innovation. They need to be able to anticipate the technological and business changes that will define their professions and their enterprises. That’s why an entire portion of IBM Edge 2016 is devoted to the tools and systems that accelerate ...read more

The best kept secret of IBM POWER8: Simplified remote restart

IBM Systems Lab Services, Power servers, Power Systems

IBM Power Systems have a well-established reputation for putting data to work across a business. Power Systems are built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications, and numerous organizations around the world have come to rely on them. Today, I want to share what I think is one of the best kept secrets of ...read more

Storage for real-time business

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SAP is one of the world’s largest software companies. IBM and SAP have maintained a strong relationship for many years. It’s instructive to glance at the original objective of SAP, which was to “…develop standard application software for real-time business processing.” Note the phrase: “Real-time business processing.” To enable real-time results, you need powerful IT ...read more

Simply fast business value with IBM FlashSystem 900

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Over the past several years IT industry analysts have insisted that the all-flash market is demanding products that provide a suite of storage services as part of basic offerings.  IBM is not only integrating our industry-leading software-defined storage with IBM FlashCore technology within the IBM FlashSystem family but also providing a wide range of all-flash ...read more

Three things to check out at MongoDB World

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A few weeks ago, I announced our involvement with IBM’s RapidBuild program. That involvement will help our clients enjoy the benefits of MongoDB alongside the performance and rapid time-to-value offered by IBM Power Systems.  MongoDB assists our clients in pursuing their innovative ideas while growing their businesses. Power Systems provides an enterprise-capable platform to support ...read more

Powering up Apache Spark for the enterprise

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The Apache Spark community and enterprise Spark adoption have both been growing rapidly. Many enterprises are now experimenting with Spark as an in-memory engine to accelerate many common analytics workloads. However early adoption often results in individual, isolated Spark clusters as different lines of business or functional groups set up their own infrastructure to learn ...read more

How to connect your IT infrastructure to the cloud

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The digital transformation is well underway. Driven and enabled by the combined phenomena of ubiquitous access to compute power using the cloud, the new API economy and the global adoption of smart mobile devices, organizations are urged to deliver new applications and services quickly. These new apps can be constructed quickly, are more easily maintained ...read more

Open source databases for today’s evolving data needs

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Today’s IT database infrastructure is shifting. New business requirements and the need to accommodate exponential growth in the amount and types of data require a new approach. Many companies are surrounding or replacing their traditional enterprise database (RDBMS) with new open source database management systems (OSDBMS) for more flexibility, speed and efficiency as they build ...read more