Servers by design

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For next-generation data-intensive applications Adapting to exponentially growing data, application and workload demands is a constant consideration for line of business leaders and IT architects. This growth is driven by the explosion of data coming from social media feeds, the Internet of Things (IoT) and many other sources. This rapid data generation is fundamentally changing more

Power your future at InterConnect 2017

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Are you ready to advance your skills and move your business forward? IBM InterConnect 2017, March 19–23 in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers a great opportunity to explore ways of deploying high-performance IBM Power Systems to improve IT operations. Many opportunities to experience Power Systems At the conference, you can learn how to deliver new solutions more

How-to guide: Stay competitive in a digital economy

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In today’s digital economy, regardless of industry, every company must embrace technology to adapt to the rapidly changing market dynamics. As data analytics and consumer demands evolve and grow, companies must modernize their IT infrastructure to deliver innovative capabilities and maintain competitive positioning. Modernizing your IT infrastructure can seem daunting; however, the following steps will more

OpenPOWER and the future of enterprise IT

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Cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are creating a lot of excitement in enterprise IT. However, it is continuous improvement in hardware infrastructure that have made software breakthroughs in these areas possible. OpenPOWER in action I was reminded of this as I watched a project demonstration of IBM OpenPOWER hardware working with more

When keeping up with change isn’t enough

Innovation is the goal. It’s critical to remaining relevant in an era of digital disruption. But how do you get there from here? From banking to manufacturing, retail to healthcare, organizations across industries are under tremendous competitive pressure. They need to create new products, services and experiences to meet the evolving demands of customers. For more

Spinning the sounds of client innovation with RemixIT

Musicians need to innovate to stay relevant — and today, so do IT leaders. So we did something truly innovative in bringing IT and music together with the groundbreaking RemixIT project. Renowned DJ and technologist Tim Exile teamed up with DJ Andrew Hypes in the RemixIT project at IBM to put a new spin on more

Two elephants: Hortonworks and IBM

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I have a two-year-old son at home. Wait, no — he’s almost three.  Wow, that happened FAST. Anyway, I have a young son, and one of the rituals we both look forward to every night is story time.  We have fairy tale books, books about farm animals, books about letters and numbers and colors.  But, more

IBM’s new OpenPOWER LC servers

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Disrupt your industry without disrupting your data center Today’s digital economy is demanding and growing exponentially. This growth is driven by the explosion of data coming from social media, IoT, AR/VR and AI. All are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and compete. The ability to harness this data from a broad number of sources more

How Power Systems and OpenPOWER enable acceleration

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This is the era of accelerated computing. Today, modern data-centric applications are driving a need for much higher I/O throughput. These performance levels are magnifying the shortcomings of traditional I/O architectures. The only way to turn today’s masses of data into competitive advantage is with an accelerated IT infrastructure built for continued advancement in advanced more