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An IBM & Nutanix initiative: Are you ready for a cloud that scales with your enterprise?

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There is no denying that the world is going digital.  At IBM we have been helping organizations to modernize their IT infrastructure and data management, tapping into advanced analytics and real-time insights for competitive advantage. If your organization is one of many currently undergoing digital transformation, and you are investigating how your business can benefit more

IBM at GTC: Experience the power of GPU-accelerated deep learning

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no, I’m not talking about Spring. It’s finally time for NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, or GTC. Here at IBM Power Systems we couldn’t be more excited, and as a Diamond sponsor of the event we are looking forward to showcasing all of our latest technology and more

Servers by design

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For next-generation data-intensive applications Adapting to exponentially growing data, application and workload demands is a constant consideration for line of business leaders and IT architects. This growth is driven by the explosion of data coming from social media feeds, the Internet of Things (IoT) and many other sources. This rapid data generation is fundamentally changing more

Reinventing IT infrastructure in the cognitive and cloud era

IBM invests heavily in innovation for IT infrastructure as part of its overall innovation agenda. Why? Because we know that traditional IT infrastructure and systems won’t be enough to drive businesses forward — our business or yours. As I discussed in a previous In the Making blog post, the role of IT leaders is changing. Roles more

When keeping up with change isn’t enough

Innovation is the goal. It’s critical to remaining relevant in an era of digital disruption. But how do you get there from here? From banking to manufacturing, retail to healthcare, organizations across industries are under tremendous competitive pressure. They need to create new products, services and experiences to meet the evolving demands of customers. For more

IBM’s new OpenPOWER LC servers

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Disrupt your industry without disrupting your data center Today’s digital economy is demanding and growing exponentially. This growth is driven by the explosion of data coming from social media, IoT, AR/VR and AI. All are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and compete. The ability to harness this data from a broad number of sources more

Architecture choice in the data center drives innovation

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Imagine a world where IT can’t deliver solutions that solve business challenges because data center innovation is stifled. Not all server architectures are created equal. Some chips and servers haven’t been able to keep up with the innovation required by AI, machine learning, advanced data analytics, augmented and virtual reality technologies (AR/VR) and other data-intensive more

A new era for technology

In recent years, a confluence of changes has created an unprecedented disruption in businesses and enterprises, leading the technology industry to evolve and transform dramatically. The most significant changes are the following: enterprises have higher expectations of what technology can do for their businesses, the CIO is now seen as a technology consultant, and business more

How to survive after Moore’s Law

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As Intel’s recent announcement (on 31 March 2016) reminds us that the promise of Moore’s Law continues to decline, many are asking the question “What’s next?” IBM Power Systems saw this coming several years ago and, with an ecosystem of POWER8 innovators in the OpenPOWER Foundation, transitioned Power Systems to focus on delivering value to more