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Questions about application platforms? Get answers at InterConnect 2016

We’re only a few weeks into the New Year, but if I were a betting man, I’d feel safe to go “all in” and say 2016 will be another banner year for technology. Backed by the acquisition of StrongLoop in 2015, and the rollout of new IBM WebSphere products, this is the year to meet more

Connect with us for business process insights at InterConnect 2016

Digital transformation

You can become more customer-centric by transforming and automating how work gets done with IBM Smarter Process. And new techniques and technologies are making business process and decision management more powerful and easy to deploy than ever. Learn how Cognitive processes and decisions enable your company to rethink how you engage with customers, so you more

Must-see sessions on hybrid cloud at InterConnect 2016

For IT leaders to continue being viewed as the trusted service provider for their business, they need to master hybrid cloud. They need to leverage hybrid cloud to deliver greater speed, insights and predictability of services, and achieving these goals means evolving the IT infrastructure. You can learn to make the most of hybrid cloud more

Can you really learn in Las Vegas?

Power servers, Real-time analytics, Storage

Can you guess the number one reason why people attend conferences? If you supposed it was for the entertainment, you are…wrong. It’s education. People fly to places like San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Orlando because they want to learn. Conference attendees are looking for new information that adds value and makes their time spent more

Join IBM Systems at InterConnect 2016

Power servers, Real-time analytics, Storage

The relationship between IT and business is evolving, and companies are looking at cloud and mobile as ways to build better businesses. Whether you’re a technology leader, builder or innovator, what better way is there to learn about the latest tools, services and systems supporting cloud and mobile innovations than to attend the premier cloud more