Live or let die: Why mainframe shops need to step up their game

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Digital transformation is here—Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security and Social, also referred to as CAMSS. But what does it mean to us mainframe shops? Is it an opportunity to save the day, or a path to become marginalized? That is 100% up to you and here is why. The good news: CAMSS puts new requirements on more

Password security: the value of longer passwords

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One of the most significant challenges in security is getting people to actually care about security. It’s no secret that while we in the security community like to talk about risk, vulnerabilities, countermeasures, and the like, we sometimes lose track of the fact that the users of our carefully crafted information systems have been, are, more

Master the Mainframe winner, Kevin Matesi, writes prose, code and a roadmap to a bright future

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 A light came on for 8-year-old Kevin Matesi when he and his father, a biomedical engineer, configured the LED bulbs on their rudimentary electronic “bread board” to illuminate a likeness of Darth Vader. While Kevin found language, literature and stories like Star Wars, cool, it dawned on him that electrical engineering and computers were capable more

The power of IBM z13 analytics for real-time transactions

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When it comes to extracting meaningful information from data, organizations today are challenged to find insight from the massive volumes of data they already have. That is where analytics comes in, and the new IBM z13 plays an important role in incorporating analytics into real time transactions. But analytics is not only for gaining insight more

IBM z13 analytics for customer insights

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It used to be that marketing strategies drive sales, procurement strategies drive quality and cost efficiencies, and technology drives marketing strategies and procurement strategies. Now, information technology can no longer simply support business strategy; it must be exploited as a business strategy. In this new world, leaders must develop real-time actionable insights from data to more