Hybrid cloud, GPUs and containers….as easy as 1,2,3

Cloud computing, Hybrid cloud storage, Storage

Among organizational leaders operating high-performance computing environments today, there is rapidly growing interest in being able to leverage cloud computing resources on demand to augment on-premises resources – to address peaks in demand or to ensure time-critical work can be completed on time.  With more than two decades of experience managing clusters and clouds, we more

Hey you, get on my cloud!

Software-defined computing, System software

IBM Platform LSF is a complete workload management family of products for high-performance computing. It provides a comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features that enable you to utilize all of your compute infrastructure resources and ensure optimal application performance. more

Building your HPC infrastructure on a solid foundation

Software-defined computing, System software

Platform LSF is a powerful workload management platform for demanding, distributed HPC environments. As times changed, so has Platform LSF; node, core counts and workload volumes have all increased over time and Platform LSF has evolved to meet the most demanding needs in the industry. more

IBM Platform LSF and Docker: A Whale of a time!

Software-defined computing, System software

HPC Administrators will know that applications today can depend upon multiple packages, libraries and environments. Docker, a container technology for Linux, based on well proven technologies brings together ease of setup, use and efficiency to application management. more

Data Management that Screams!

Software-defined computing, System software

Whether you are dealing with Big Data business analytics, or traditional High-Performance Computing, processing of data is crucial to businesses this century. more