The rise of Open Source Databases

IBM Systems Lab Services, Linux on Power Systems, Open source...

After many years of working in the IT industry, both as an IT manager in a large telecommunications setup and as a consultant providing solutions to my clients, I’ve come to see a huge interest among users in leveraging more open source software and standards. It comes as no surprise to me that the adoption more

What role do developers play in your organization’s AI journey?

AI, Deep learning, Ecosystem & partners...

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly being adopted by organizations of all sizes and yielding impressive results, transforming businesses and industries globally. While senior executives, managers and senior IT architects are often catalysts for change, it is the developers who are deciding which specific products and technologies individual companies will use on their journey to AI more

IBM and SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 deliver breakthrough security

Cloud computing, Encryption, Linux systems...

The latest major release of SUSE Linux Enterprise includes improved security, performance and virtualization optimizations for IBM’s new z14 and LinuxONE servers. SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 is now available – focusing on simplifying traditional & containerized infrastructures and making IT more efficient. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE is part of the more

Developing RESTful web applications for CICS

When your product predates the moon landing, there’s a certain way of doing things. That’s certainly the case with the IBM CICS Transaction Server – a product introduced in 1969. By the end of business today it will have processed billions of transactions from ATM withdrawals, insurance policies, utility bill payments and the like. Whenever more

Managing digital transformation: The Spark imperative

Hybrid cloud storage, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

The flood of new sources of information or the “data tsunami” as it’s been called is creating tremendous new opportunities to understand our markets, our customers and our business operations. Those same opportunities are also being provided to our competitors. This means that how we respond to the challenge of harnessing that data and using more

Open technologies enable digital transformation

Linux systems, LinuxONE solutions

The world is going through massive changes and it’s transforming how business is done in every industry. In the current cognitive era in where everything is being redesigned by data, remade in the cloud and rewritten in code, companies are discovering new business models and consumers are being engaged in new and different ways. To more

Questions about application platforms? Get answers at InterConnect 2016

We’re only a few weeks into the New Year, but if I were a betting man, I’d feel safe to go “all in” and say 2016 will be another banner year for technology. Backed by the acquisition of StrongLoop in 2015, and the rollout of new IBM WebSphere products, this is the year to meet more

What our customers are telling us about Netcool

I recently visited several of IBM’s Netcool clients. Examples of locations on my travels included Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; and Milan, Italy. It was a great opportunity to hear from our clients in person and learn about the importance of the Netcool suite to their IT and network operations in addition to their businesses in general. more

WebSphere Cast Iron 7.5: Enhanced Connectivity and Improved Security

Increasingly, businesses are adopting SaaS and other cloud services, and the need for tech like WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition 7.5 is important. That’s because in this environment, the need to connect to existing on-premises solutions and have a clear hybrid strategy is critical. Integration becomes a key business requirement when it comes to adopting SaaS applications. Nearly 90% more