Building a culture of high availability

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What customer doesn’t expect the applications they use to work all the time? What business doesn’t want high availability from its IT systems? In today’s world, both customers and businesses have high expectations. Customers want to bank and shop when it’s convenient for them, and business leaders want the systems providing these services to be more

Cognitive computing for IT operations: Part 2

In part one, I focused on cognitive computing and examples of problems cognitive computing can be applied to in the context of IT operations. In part two, I consider how cognitive computing can be used to address those problems. The concept of cognitive computing only moved into mainstream conversation over the last decade as a more

Cognitive computing for IT operations: Part 1

This two-part series will look at cognitive computing and its current market position, and consider how cognitive can be applied to solve IT operation-related problems. The first part of this series will consider the problems, and the second will consider how the problems in the technology space could be addressed. Cognitive computing and how it more

Unleash the power of integrated IT service management

Although it’s been more than two decades since the notion of a more cohesive approach to the management of IT services was first promoted by the industry, it’s only now that the idea has finally become standard in many IT organizations. Increasingly, the need for a cross-domain and service-aware approach to IT services is being more