Interconnect 2016

Tales of APIs: API usage in trucking and farming

We all hear stories of technology fueling transformation. From cars acting as wifi hotspots to phones that talk back, the technology that underpins change is often small or innocuous. It’s not the technology itself but how it’s used or combined with existing ideas that creates change. For APIs, this couldn’t be more true. An API more

Connect and automate your business with IBM App Connect

We’re living through an app explosion Think about all of the applications lines of business rely on to get their work done: Customer relationship management (CRM) apps, marketing automation apps, social apps, sales and HR apps and more! Inside and outside the enterprise, these apps are diversifying rapidly. For example, last year the marketing technology more

InterConnect 2016 and IT operations management

I just spent the last week at InterConnect 2016 in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. For me, it is nonstop activity for four days, working with our sellers, our employees in the field and our development teams, along with the renewal of relationships with key customers and meeting new customers and prospects. While the activity runs more

Three ways to improve your application delivery

If I had a dollar for every time someone said “hybrid cloud,” I’d be a very rich person. Why? After spending the past few days at IBM InterConnect 2016, hybrid cloud has been at the forefront of every conversation-–and for good reason. It’s becoming the primary way businesses are creating new cloud apps with speed more

Outthinking limits at InterConnect

As I put my fingers to the keyboard, I wanted to collect my thoughts and impressions of IBM InterConnect 2016 in the still of the morning, before I’m swept up in the excitement of the final day. Inspiration at the conference This year, the conference has been driven by engaging personalities who underline the importance more

Cognitive business operations at InterConnect

I am excited to have the opportunity to talk to our customers and partners about a new area we are evolving on the IBM Smarter Process platform called cognitive business operations. The idea here is that we want to infuse daily business operations with the power of cognitive computing to assist with processes and decisions more

Day 3 at InterConnect 2016 and IT transformation

Wow! I can’t believe that InterConnect 2016 is already more than halfway done. Tuesday was another jam-packed day of amazing content, announcements and expert knowledge from some of the top IT leaders in the world. Practical hybrid clouds that really work The day got off to a great start when Jamie Thomas, General Manager of more

Day 2 at InterConnect 2016 and Systems transformation

Everything about Las Vegas is big. I thought the IBM site in Rochester, Minnesota (where I work) was expansive, but I now think the whole city of Rochester would fit inside the Mandalay Bay Resort or the MGM Grand Hotel. The whole atmosphere of the strip and IBM InterConnect inspires me to #OutthinkLimits! Off to more

Building better hybrid clouds

Hybrid cloud storage, Software-defined computing, Storage...

This week at InterConnect 2016, IBM Cloud Object Storage was announced. IBM Cloud Object Storage will offer three deployment choices for object storage as a service when it is launched. These are being built using Cleversafe technology, a recent IBM acquisition, and will work with on-premises Cleversafe deployments to enable hybrid cloud storage. You read more