The evolution of open collaboration in business models

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Disruptive change has always allowed organizations or individuals to redefine markets and to upset established industry paradigms and thought patterns. Information technology is also undergoing significant disruptive change, including changes in the economics of chip development and manufacturing, the growth of new workload types such as big data, cognitive computing, and the Internet of Things more

Improving chip yield rates with cognitive manufacturing

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When we think about manufacturing in electronics we usually think about the assembly of the final product, rather than the manufacture of all of the individual components.  Right at the start of the supply chain are the microchips themselves.  As components, they are relatively cheap per unit, but the design complexity and manufacturing setup costs more

How to survive after Moore’s Law

OpenPOWER, Power servers, Power Systems

As Intel’s recent announcement (on 31 March 2016) reminds us that the promise of Moore’s Law continues to decline, many are asking the question “What’s next?” IBM Power Systems saw this coming several years ago and, with an ecosystem of POWER8 innovators in the OpenPOWER Foundation, transitioned Power Systems to focus on delivering value to more