IBM named a leader in the Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q4 2016

Digital transformations are built on a foundation of APIs. Success in today’s digital economy requires the creation, use, and management of APIs. This means picking the proper API management solution key.  That is why we are proud to announce that IBM has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2016*. more

How IBM App Connect makes marketing professionals more powerful

Most of us have performed tedious, time-consuming tasks at work. I suspect many of you reading this are nodding your head in agreement! These tasks might include hours of copying and pasting information from one application or location to another. So imagine the delight when people discover that a tool can automate tasks like this more

More than vapor: The IT foundation to make cloud work

Cloud computing, Mainframes

When someone says cloud, what do you think of? Fluffy-looking things in the sky? Something that stores photos or music out there somewhere? Maybe, it’s even a virtual instance of Linux on an x86 box? These are all common notions of cloud, but as the cloud becomes more pervasive we should think about it in more

Tales of APIs: API usage in trucking and farming

We all hear stories of technology fueling transformation. From cars acting as wifi hotspots to phones that talk back, the technology that underpins change is often small or innocuous. It’s not the technology itself but how it’s used or combined with existing ideas that creates change. For APIs, this couldn’t be more true. An API more

Three reasons to be thankful for APIs and the businesses using them

It’s that time of year when we all stop and take stock of what we are thankful for. I, of course, am thankful for a lot: friends, family, being marginally competitive in fantasy football… But it’s also a time to think about what’s changed on a day-to-day basis. For me and many consumers out there, more

The API economy Is fueling cognitive business

Big data & analytics, Digital transformation

If you attended Insight, either in person or via Insight Go, you hopefully had the chance to catch the Systems & Architecture Super Session entitled, “From Challenges to Shared Vision: The Path toward a Comprehensive Big Data Analytics Solution.” To hear more on this, please join me on November 11th at 11 AM EST or more