Outthinking limits at InterConnect

As I put my fingers to the keyboard, I wanted to collect my thoughts and impressions of IBM InterConnect 2016 in the still of the morning, before I’m swept up in the excitement of the final day. Inspiration at the conference This year, the conference has been driven by engaging personalities who underline the importance more

Day 2 at InterConnect 2016 and Systems transformation

Everything about Las Vegas is big. I thought the IBM site in Rochester, Minnesota (where I work) was expansive, but I now think the whole city of Rochester would fit inside the Mandalay Bay Resort or the MGM Grand Hotel. The whole atmosphere of the strip and IBM InterConnect inspires me to #OutthinkLimits! Off to more

Be the disruptor. Be the catalyst of change for your customers.

Digital transformation

If I think about my life today compared to five years ago, and how my interactions paying for an object or service are now through a digital transaction. I shop for everything I need from milk to shoes on a digital device. I bank, check the weather, book travel, check into my flights, walk through more

5 Innovation Stoppers Today

Innovation and disruption are top of mind for leaders across all industries as companies strive to continually reinvent themselves. Why? Innovation extend company lifelines, but numbers suggest that more companies need an innovation boost. A half century ago, the life expectancy of a firm in the Fortune 500 was around 75 years. Flashforward to now, and that more