How to manage risk in an interconnected world

Data security

When everyone–and everything–becomes interconnected, how will that change risk? Will new risks emerge and old ones disappear? And what do both insurers and insurance customers need to do about it? These were the questions we set out to examine in our latest IBV Insurance study, “Cyber and beyond – Insurance and risk in a digitally more

The fast track to simplicity with converged infrastructure

Integrated infrastructure, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

You know the saying “Hindsight is 20/20”?  Throughout my 30+ year career in the storage and compute market I’ve learned that there are lots of choices–across vendors, configurations and solutions.  Sometimes companies make the right choice the very first time, but too often they spend lots of time and money only to realize that more more

Webcast: Deliver apps faster across your hybrid clouds

Hybrid cloud is one of the hottest digital transformations in the enterprise today, and application-environment deployment is an important piece of the hybrid pie. Teams need an app deployment solution that can quickly deliver workloads in secure, automated and scalable environments. Consider the following scenario: Your team has identified a huge market opportunity that can more

Integrated infrastructure: Gain without the pain

Integrated infrastructure, Software-defined computing, Storage...

There’s a scene from A League of their Own that made a deep impression on me and has stayed with me over the years. In the scene, the team manager confronts one of the players and asks why she decided to leave the league. She responds: “it just got too hard” to which the manager more

Oceans of data: Storage challenge or opportunity?

Data security, Integrated infrastructure, Storage

It’s nothing new: data growth, conservatively estimated between 25 – 40 percent per year, can easily outpace IT budget growth by a factor of 10. While it’s easy to simply categorize the ever-expanding “oceans of data” all around us as a challenge, many others gravitate to its inherent opportunities. The data being created in today’s more

Security in the cognitive era

Data security

Do you know what it’s like to be the victim of a data breach? There’s been no shortage of companies in the news for data leaks in the past decade as a result of hacking, inside jobs, poor security and so on. In 2015, my personal credit card information was compromised twice due to data more

Evolving high-performance computing to deal with mountains of data

Software-defined computing, System software, Workload & resource optimization

Whether it’s the universe, the Earth’s population, your waistline, or data and compute capacity, coping with expansion is high on everyone’s agenda. Data volumes are expanding in leaps and bounds, while at the same time compute capabilities are being greatly enhanced with technologies like hardware accelerators. Technologies have advanced to store and process massive amounts more

Crafting cool technology, made with IBM

Data security

My favorite part of summer camp was never athletics (though I won a tennis award for most improved) and never drama (though they always found some part for me) and certainly never the overnight (though sleeping on the ground under the stars always sounds cool). My favorite part of camp was hands down arts and more

Making Hybrid Cloud Work for You

Software-defined computing, System software

If several large projects require the same technical computing resources for a two week period, what should you do? Or what happens if you are experiencing spikes in infrastructure demand at a certain period during the day–do you purchase additional infrastructure to accommodate that increase in demand even though those resources will be underutilized throughout more