Workplace gender equality: It’s everyone’s responsibility

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This year, IBM launched the Be Equal campaign and released a corresponding IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study on the current state of workplace gender equality. The IBV study found that amongst respondents: Seventy-nine percent of organizations globally haven’t fully prioritized gender-balanced leadership. Organizations that prioritize achieving gender equality in their leadership outperform their ...read more

Embracing hybrid cloud on your digital journey

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Cloud, mobile and social engagement are driving a digital disruption that’s revolutionizing business. Individuals are more connected than ever before, taking advantage of more diverse channels of engagement. Readily available digital technologies have empowered consumers to expect more from their service providers (financial institutions, government, retailers and so on). They want faster, more transparent ways ...read more

How are executives transforming their businesses with AI?

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The seemingly boundless possibilities for artificial intelligence (AI) have arguably made it the most important general-purpose technology of our era. Yet the immediate question in many executives’ minds has moved beyond the envisioned potential and towards how businesses are successfully implementing and using AI today. To gain insight into this topic, the IBM Global C-suite ...read more

The power of blockchain in financial services

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In the current landscape, there are industry leaders evaluating distributed ledger technology, while others are investing in other areas. Financial market institutions have been among the first to implement the decentralized blockchain platform and set the groundwork for their future. A market study report titled “Blockchain rewires financial markets” from The IBM Institute for Business ...read more

Trailblazing blockchain innovation


With the advent of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, businesses are drawn to the promise of reducing time and cost and increasing trust in payments and transactions. Financial institutions in particular have been taking a serious look at blockchain. Organizations ranging from banks to the London Stock Exchange are taking innovative approaches to blockchain solutions ...read more

How to manage risk in an interconnected world

Data security

When everyone–and everything–becomes interconnected, how will that change risk? Will new risks emerge and old ones disappear? And what do both insurers and insurance customers need to do about it? These were the questions we set out to examine in our latest IBV Insurance study, “Cyber and beyond – Insurance and risk in a digitally ...read more

Cognitive in action: 3 new IBM IBV studies on travel loyalty

IBM is committed to helping our travel clients thrive, and one way we do so is by sharing our thinking about the future of the industry. In our recently released travel loyalty series, the IBM Institute for Business Value articulates a clear vision for how travel companies can get more from their travel loyalty programs ...read more

IT after dark: lighting the way for business strategy

I recently had the opportunity to host a VIP roundtable discussion with 12 global, cross-industry executives, about the critical role of information technology (IT) in powering new business models and delivering better services in the connected economy. We talked about why IT leaders are the new service providers, how collaboration between IT and the business ...read more

Reinventing the wheel: The future of personal mobility

Conventional automotive industry wisdom warns that people are losing interest in cars, but the latest research indicates otherwise. Over the next 10 years, the car will remain a key fixture in personal transportation. However, people will engage with cars—and cars with people—in new ways, according to the new IBM Institute for Business Value study, “A ...read more