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A new era for technology

In recent years, a confluence of changes has created an unprecedented disruption in businesses and enterprises, leading the technology industry to evolve and transform dramatically. The most significant changes are the following: enterprises have higher expectations of what technology can do for their businesses, the CIO is now seen as a technology consultant, and business more

What is your IBM Systems innovation destination?

IBM Systems Lab Services

The sailboats sweep across the harbor, commuter ferries and water taxis drift by, the “T” subway and buses run like clockwork and cabbies and app drivers speed around the historic city of Boston. All have destinations. Having a destination implies a beginning and an end. I would argue that most goals or projects in IT more

IT leaders are the architects of the future

These days, I think a lot about how IT leaders shape the future for their companies. I recently read a thought-provoking blog post from Paulo Carvao, IBM Systems Hardware Sales General Manager, where he sat down with 12 executives as they discussed their roles as service providers and how technologies like cognitive computing are transforming more

Get started on your cognitive journey: Part two

In Part 1, we talked about how to apply some of the Watson Languages services to help you gain insights from information that are hiding in your customers’ communication. Now we are going deeper to discuss how to apply machine learning, which is the core of a cognitive system, to guide your business operations. Apply more

Six surprising facts about IBM Systems that every IT professional should know

Linux systems, LinuxONE solutions, Mainframes...

Did you know that industry leaders in finance, travel and transportation, insurance, and retail have built their businesses on IT infrastructure from IBM Systems? More and more, infrastructure is playing a major role in driving business outcomes, and IBM Systems is helping IT leaders to be seen as a trusted service provider, enabling cognitive business. more

IBM Power Systems and SAP HANA partner to form the Center of Excellence

Power servers, Power Systems

Exciting things are happening with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems. Last year, the availability of HANA on Power was announced. Then Power Systems became the first platform available for multiple virtualized production environments running HANA—giving enterprises the exclusive ability to run up to four virtual machines containing production HANA databases concurrently. Big data is more

Embracing the cognitive world every day with IBM Systems

OK, so it was time. I didn’t have an excuse anymore. That I had a report due at work, or that the holidays were coming, or that I had to go to the dentist. It was finally time to do something that I had avoided for almost a year. Something that was even worse, if more

Next-generation experiences with IBM Bluemix and Digital Experience Manager

Cloud computing

Once in a while, I take a moment to think back about how things used to be when I first started in the industry, and I’m amazed at how quickly technology has evolved for both developers and users. Today we have access to a vast array of computing resources and services that in the past more

Linux has become enterprise class. Will your platform follow?

Power servers, Power Systems

We may not always realize it, but Linux surrounds our lives. Formerly a low-cost operating system for x86 based on open standards, Linux has become a complete platform ready for the needs of a large enterprise. It runs on the appliances in your home, the gadgets in your pocket, the self-service check-in machines at the more