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The future of IT: Keep an eye on machine learning

AI, Big data & analytics, Deep learning...

What will IT look like a decade from now? We’ve seen enormous growth in big data and analytics in the past decade, and this area of technology will continue to transform how business is done. Not just that — but machine learning breakthroughs will bring new ways of analyzing and using that data. To start more

The AI revolution in HPC

AI, High-performance computing, Power servers...

In a few months, when the HPC community gathers in Denver for SuperComputing 2017, I expect it will become clear that the supercomputing field is poised to take the next giant step in its evolutionary path. More clients and more companies will showcase the value of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and HPC.  For decades, the more

The key to a hybrid cloud for trusted digital experiences

Cloud computing, Hybrid cloud, Mainframes

As organizations tap into new digital applications and services, they are poised to fully exploit the agility and scale of public cloud platforms. In today’s world, a new application can be brought to life in a matter of minutes, to provide innovative new functions from a unique combination of digital and enterprise services, such as more

Cognitive systems: Linking the unimaginable to the imaginable

IBM Systems Client Centers, Services

In today’s world, many of us wonder about the effects of cognitive technology on our reality as well as its potential impact on the future.  Others have had similar musings on what’s possible.  Between 1899 & 1910 a group of French artists, including Jean-Marc Côté, depicted a vision of what the world would look like more

IBM PowerAI and Watson team up at O’Reilly AI Conference

AI, Deep learning, High-performance computing...

Deep learning and artificial intelligence are two terms that have become ubiquitous in the technology market, as enterprises, research centers, academic institutions and individual developers have quickly realized that the cognitive era is upon us. These technologies represent the solid possibility of unlocking greater insights from data by augmenting human capabilities with some of the more

Cognitive computing to the rescue

Power servers, Power Systems

You’ve rolled out the first stages of your IoT deployment, and you’re collecting data like never before. Surely you’re on the cusp of a new era of generating bold new insights for your organization! But you have no idea how to glean these bold new insights. You’re straining the compute, memory and storage resources that more

5 tech buzzwords every business leader should know

Love them or loathe them, buzzwords are everywhere in IT. Technology changes, and suddenly, new buzzwords pop up in the IT lexicon. But understanding the actual technology behind the buzzwords — and how it can bring value to your business and your clients — can help to keep you on the cutting edge of the more

DJs in the data center: A new spin on IT

A version of this blog post originally appeared here. People ask me how I got started mixing sounds, and I tell them I was inspired by my dad (Randy Hypes, a drummer and musician). I’ve been drumming since the third grade and have also been singing all my life. My dad introduced me to hip-hop more

IBM FlashSystem accelerates cognitive cybersecurity

Data security, Flash storage, Storage

Over 390,000 new cyber threats occur daily, resulting in a $600 billion dollar annual global business impact. Human security teams can no longer keep pace. An innovative and powerful new business use for flash storage combines IBM FlashSystem all-flash storage solutions deployed in a hybrid cloud architecture with IBM Watson. This architecture increases the performance more