IBM Spectrum

Building on the success of IBM Spectrum LSF 10

IBM Spectrum LSF 10 was released in June 2016, delivering significant architectural enhancements and increases in scalability and performance. New functionalities are now being built on top of that solid foundation. This month will see the release of IBM Spectrum LSF, which will add several new capabilities. Container technologies offer many benefits, particularly in […]

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Copy data management drives business velocity and efficiency

Throughout my storage career I have seen many organizations solve storage challenges using copy data management.  As the IBM Spectrum family expands its copy data management portfolio and capabilities, I would like to share some experiences that make me a true believer in this solution area. Next-generation data protection A financial services company near my […]

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New Year’s data resolutions

Data volumes are up and budgets are not. 2015 couldn’t have been an easy year to manage a data center. To have a more prosperous 2016, I propose you make (and keep) a few New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight Most organizations have more data than they actively use. Shed some terabytes by either actively deleting […]

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