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An ocean of possibilities with VersaStack

What lies just beneath the surface often surprises you. For example, on its surface, the recently announced VersaStack for Hybrid Cloud is a powerful new solution for deploying both converged infrastructure and hybrid cloud resources all within one platform. That in itself is remarkable. But dive into VersaStack on one of the award-winning IBM FlashSystem […]

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Managing data growth with tape storage

Until recently, the rate of digital technology evolution often referred to as Moore’s law essentially kept pace with the growth rate of data. Processors and storage became more powerful and less expensive about as quickly as the volume and velocity of data increased. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and social […]

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New Year’s data resolutions

Data volumes are up and budgets are not. 2015 couldn’t have been an easy year to manage a data center. To have a more prosperous 2016, I propose you make (and keep) a few New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight Most organizations have more data than they actively use. Shed some terabytes by either actively deleting […]

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