IBM Smarter Process

Mobile capabilities with IBM Business Monitor

Where will you be when you need to know how your business process is performing? Let’s say you’ve just heard that the company CFO would like to have fresh numbers on sales and expenses for a session that is going to start in a few minutes with your regional executives. You notice your colleagues frantically more

Disruptive trends in customer centricity with IBM ODM Advanced

Part 2 – Towards Cognitive, Proactive, Real-time and Contextual Customer Centricity In Part 1 of this two-part series, I highlighted the importance of customer centricity in a highly competitive market where businesses are striving to follow more customer-centric approaches to attract customers. I also discussed contextual and real-time customer centricity. I talked about how I more

Disruptive trends in customer centricity with IBM ODM Advanced

Part 1 – From Customer Centricity to Real Time and Contextual Customer Centricity With the rise of the Internet and mobile, advertisements have become more prolific than ever. Customers are overwhelmed from having too many options. Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate your business from the competition by sending your customers relevant messages at the more

Top IT predictions for 2016: Cognitive is here to stay

Digital transformation, Software, Software-defined storage...

What will the near future of IT look like? At IBM Systems, we strive to help IT leaders become trusted service providers by mastering hybrid cloud for digital transformation in today’s cognitive era. Recent trends in cloud and cognitive are driving innovation for many organizations, and IBM Systems is helping companies to evolve their IT more

From digital to cognitive: The year ahead for IBM Smarter Process in 2016

Digital transformation, Software

This year, digital transformation truly came of age as a big driver of revenue. It is striking to see that in 2015, over 70 percent of 987 C-Suite respondents in a McKinsey study expected digital activities to grow the top line, and 64 percent of them expected to grow margins at the same time. Going more

Why BPM projects fail (and how to prevent it)

There are many factors behind the failure of a project. The technology being used may not be as up-to-date or relevant as it should be. It may also be due to environmental, cultural or readiness factors. More often than not though, failure is caused by an overriding issue–not selecting the right project first. Without a more