IBM PureApplication System

Experience the power of private cloud: IBM Bluemix Local System

Imagine a single cloud platform where your company can run both preexisting enterprise apps and new cloud apps all on one single platform, behind your own firewall. A local private cloud that automatically accelerates, automates and optimizes your application environments, while your team focuses on building exciting new apps. Today, IBM is introducing the IBM more

Open PaaS – hybrid cloud on IBM PureApplication

Looking at the evolution of IBM PureApplication from 2012 to 2016, PureApplication has a bright future. With hundreds of units sold and three versions available (System, Service on SoftLayer and Software), the PureApplication platform has made its way into the IBM cloud management portfolio. Now, the future is more promising than ever. PureApplication is becoming more

Top 2016 predictions for hybrid cloud, API economy and more

2015 marks the year Marty McFly and Doc Brown time traveled into the future. While cars are not flying yet, the popular 1980’s movie included many predictions that came true, including tablet computers and fingerprint technology. These technologies are, quite frankly, underpinned by very real hybrid cloud applications. While the Back to the Future franchise more

Robert Garnero goes inside IBM PureApplication

Four words that show the demands of today’s CIO: Accelerate. Automate. Simplify. Transform. Is it possible to meet those demands? Yes. With hybrid cloud at the push of a button. Hours, not months. IBM PureApplication sets out to do just that, and in the process, to make CIOs happy with hybrid cloud. There are several more

IBM PureApplication: Organization structure, roles, & responsibilities

I saw two men at IBM Impact, Kyle Brown, Distinguished Engineer IBM Software Group Services for WebSphere, and Mr. Rajeev Gandhi Senior Technical Software Manager. They led a session on Organization Structure, Roles, & Responsibilities for IBM PureApplication System Session. The two were amazing. They turned the massive pile of IBM PureApplication System related knowledge derived more

Connect with IBM PureApplication Experts on dWAnswers

The tech industry is changing faster than any other industry in the world. New technologies bombard us every day along with with new standards, new requirements, and new development methodologies. As IT professionals we must find ways to stay ahead, and to do that, we need to stay informed. That’s best done by finding ways to more

The newest IBM PureApplication sibling: PureApplication Software

It was a great IBM InterConnect 2015. Afterward, I had a long flight from Las Vegas home on the opposite coast of the country. The length of the trip gave me time to ponder the world of hybrid cloud, especially because, much to my dismay, the in-flight entertainment system was broken. Also, I had forgotten to recharge more

New From IBM PureApplication System at IBM InterConnect 2015

Coincidence? I think not. Just after the grand opening of IBM InterConnect 2015 came another important announcement: IBM PureApplication System V2.1, along with additional thrilling news for the PureSystems family. In a crowded room, Marc Haberkorn, PureApplication Program Director, took the audience through three major paradigm shifts for PureApp. As a platform that had already reached more

The surprising differences between IBM PureApplication and IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Sure. Differences exist between IBM PureApplication and IBM Cloud Orchestrator. But truthfully, I find they are much more complimentary and used together than clients may realize. IBM Cloud Orchestrator provides cloud management capabilities allowing the speed-up service delivery of IT services. Since it is based on open standards, it lets you manage heterogeneous public, private more