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Why I choose IBM i virtualization

Power servers, Virtualization, Workload & resource optimization

It saddens me to think that there are still many companies out there who view IBM i as just another legacy technology when it is so much more. As technology professionals, it’s our responsibility to stay current in the industry. Just like buying any “big ticket item” in your personal life, you want to do more

Celebrating a silver anniversary: IBM Spectrum LSF

Storage, Workload & resource optimization

This week we celebrate the release of our second agile update to IBM Spectrum LSF 10. And it’s our silver anniversary… 25 years of IBM Spectrum LSF! As we previously discussed in this blog post, IBM Spectrum LSF 10 focused primarily on architectural changes to support future growth in performance and scalability. We’ve seen steady more

IBM POWER8 and OSU advance genomics research through porting

Power Systems, Workload & resource optimization

IBM POWER8 is serving a major role in an immensely significant field of science, genomics. Genomics is the study of the genome, the complete DNA within a single cell of an organism. Advances in genomics research have triggered a revolution in understanding the most complex biological systems. Researchers can use DNA sequencing to search for more

IBM Systems Master Inventors driving innovation for 2017

IBM has focused on innovation since the company began over a century ago, cultivating some of the world’s most influential Master Inventors along the way.  In fact, IBM received a record-breaking 8,000+ US patents in 2016 covering a diverse range of inventions. Each year, IBM Systems bestows the title of Master Inventor to those IBMers more

How-to guide: Stay competitive in a digital economy

Open source, Power servers, Service providers

In today’s digital economy, regardless of industry, every company must embrace technology to adapt to the rapidly changing market dynamics. As data analytics and consumer demands evolve and grow, companies must modernize their IT infrastructure to deliver innovative capabilities and maintain competitive positioning. Modernizing your IT infrastructure can seem daunting; however, the following steps will more

PowerAI: The World’s Fastest Deep Learning Solution Among Leading Enterprise Servers

Power servers

Over the past several weeks, my IBM colleagues have written about our progress porting and optimizing popular deep learning frameworks for the most advanced platform for accelerated computing in the enterprise, the IBM S822LC for HPC. Today I am pleased to announce another major milestone: the creation of the world’s fastest deep learning solution among more

Breaking the barriers of platform virtualization for SAP HANA

Power servers, Power Systems, Virtualization

Now more than ever, businesses need to move beyond traditional enterprise IT boundaries as they transform. This means delivering new levels of customer service, integrating partners and providing relevant, actionable insights out of all available data. Clients making the digital transformation with IBM and SAP frequently find they achieve maximum business value with solutions that more

When keeping up with change isn’t enough

Innovation is the goal. It’s critical to remaining relevant in an era of digital disruption. But how do you get there from here? From banking to manufacturing, retail to healthcare, organizations across industries are under tremendous competitive pressure. They need to create new products, services and experiences to meet the evolving demands of customers. For more

Providing personalized content: Can your applications handle it?

“Personalization” seems to be the proverbial “hammer” for the appropriate marketing “nails.” There have been massive efforts to drive more efficient, better looking and scalable methods to help companies move toward solutions that provide more personalized content. However, will the applications and business processes that use this content be able to handle so much personalization? more