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Accelerating change In data analytics

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Question: What do genomics research and Excel spreadsheets have to do with each other? Answer: Nothing any more. Thank goodness. The evolution of data analytics Believe it or not, it was not too long ago that spreadsheets were used to analyze genomic data. Excel, a revelation at the time, required data to have a specific more

Linux has become enterprise class. Will your platform follow?

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We may not always realize it, but Linux surrounds our lives. Formerly a low-cost operating system for x86 based on open standards, Linux has become a complete platform ready for the needs of a large enterprise. It runs on the appliances in your home, the gadgets in your pocket, the self-service check-in machines at the more

There’s Power in 450!

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The Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) has expanded its reach to 450 colleges and universities around the globe. So what’s the significance, you might be asking? For our IBM Power Systems clients, it means they will have a substantial pool of IBM-skilled students to employ in the future. Faculty at these 450 schools are using more

Join IBM Systems at InterConnect 2016

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The relationship between IT and business is evolving, and companies are looking at cloud and mobile as ways to build better businesses. Whether you’re a technology leader, builder or innovator, what better way is there to learn about the latest tools, services and systems supporting cloud and mobile innovations than to attend the premier cloud more

Beyond Jeopardy!—How Watson is helping to build businesses

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In 2011, Watson made a dramatic public debut on the Jeopardy! television game show. Using IBM Power Systems and analytics software developed with open frameworks like Apache Hadoop and UIMA, Watson showcased a cutting-edge ability to understand complex natural language questions and sift through vast libraries of unstructured human knowledge. And Watson proved to know more

Exciting new capabilities for deploying SAP HANA

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Earlier this year, SAP and IBM announced that SAP Business Warehouse deployments on SAP HANA could be integrated with IBM Power Systems, achieving a level of flexibility, resiliency and performance that customers tell us is unique in the industry. Now, just a few months later, we have several new milestones to report. First, IBM Power more

Do you know where I’m spending my money next?

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This video summarizes it all: Customers expect companies to know them personally – their tastes, habits, preferences, lifestyles, buying patterns, what they like and dislike, how old their kids are, if they have a pet, when it’s time to replace the car or their furniture, to renew the house insurance or their gym membership or more

Supercomputing in a waitless world

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Are you satisfied with the speed, efficiency and innovation of your IT infrastructure? The pace of life has increased immensely in the digital age. In our personal and professional lives, we’re all striving to keep up and take advantage of the latest innovations that can help us engage and have impact (time-saving mobile apps, anyone?). more

Supercharging the hotel front desk in the cloud

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Here at Go Moment, we help some of the best-known hotels in the US—including Hilton, Sheraton, Crowne Plaza and Best Western—keep their customers delighted at all times. Our flagship “Ivy” platform is a virtual personal assistant that engages guests by text message, asking them to rate their experience and offering help or promotions. Ivy parses more