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What’s driving investment in engaging experiences?

Internet of things, Mainframes, Platform economics

Many enterprise leaders are focused on providing a more engaging experience for customers. Consumer expectations have evolved over the past few years, both in terms of how accessible services should be for users, and the personalization of their experiences. Consumers have a vast amount of information available on alternative options using marketplaces, comparison sites and more

At Edge, make the connections between cloud and the mainframe

Edge 2016 is right around the corner! IBM Edge is one of the longest-running infrastructure conferences, and it has evolved over time to accommodate technologies that drive business outcomes. This year, the conference reinforces the importance of IBM infrastructure as the foundation for big data and analytics, mobile and social initiatives, and hybrid cloud. Cloud, more

“Packing” tips for your next mobile application adventure

Mainframes, Security

Mobile applications, the mainframe and what to pack When I was younger I took at 10-day hiking trip. I wasn’t an experienced hiker at the time and I packed a number of items I didn’t need. I was also hiking with three similarly inexperienced female hikers. In an effort to impress, I kept offering to more

Touring with IBM technology – Vintage style

What if we combined a 1930s vintage Riley sports car with the most modern IBM IoT & Messaging software, along with some electronic sensory equipment? Mixing the new with the old creates interesting results showing that technology is not limited to the back office. In September 2015 Mark Barnard set out on a European tour more