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Cyber-resiliency best practices: Staying prepared for cyberattack

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It seems that major headlines every week focus on data breaches or cyber events against well-known, reputable businesses or government agencies. Cyberattacks are becoming more prolific and sophisticated, so it’s no longer a question of if it will affect your organization, but when. Certain cyberattacks such as ransomware can cripple an organization, if not shut more

Six ways to effectively employ Design Thinking

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I’ve been training people in Design Thinking for a few years. When I utter the words, “Design Thinking,” I can place people’s reactions into three categories based upon their eyes: A blank stare, indicating, “What’s that?’ The twinkling eye, suggesting, “Yes, that!” Or, eye rolling, which usually means, “Oh brother, not that.” Addressing the blank more

Help reduce costs for your data-driven, multi-cloud enterprise

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Company leaders managing data workloads on a finite budget look to IBM Storwize, a family of all-flash storage solutions focused on managing block data needed for primary storage workloads that require strong availability, performance, redundancy and enterprise-class data services. “As our clients transform their data center infrastructures to meet new demands, keeping storage costs down more

Four basic components of a migration and why they matter

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I recently wrote about the top five application and system migration worries organizations face when a change in technology platforms is required. In this post, I want to set out a basic framework for a typical migration process before taking a deeper dive into each of the top five application and system migration worries. Understanding more

Lab Services helps India fertilizer co-op adopt emerging tech

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Organizations today are constantly looking for ways to make their IT more efficient, to save on operational costs and take advantage of the latest technologies—in short, to optimize their IT infrastructure. While the goals are obvious, it’s not always easy to determine how to achieve such changes, especially in a large and highly complex environment. more

A distinctly differentiated infrastructure built for the future

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SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems It appears businesses have discovered that there’s an interesting alternative to commodity architecture for their SAP HANA environment. In a survey I recently conducted for IDC, a significant number of respondents who are currently using SAP said that they run SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems. When IDC asked more

IBM Elastic Storage Server: Three keys to successful implementation

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How often have you had an implementation go south on you and later found out that it was something you would have discovered in a planning session? Maybe it was a network switch setting? Or did you find out that you did not have sufficient knowledge or training to complete the implementation? We’ve all had more

How to make sure your IT project succeeds

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The sad reality is that most IT projects fail, far exceed budget or are completed well behind schedule. As CIO reported in 2016, 55 percent of IT professionals say they’ve had a project outright fail. But why? We need to understand why so that we can figure out how to improve the success rate. In more