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Who do you trust with your IT security?

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Security is a word that’s used to cover many aspects of IT, and it’s a top concern for organizations today, but there’s another important word related to the vendors of IT security products and solutions that safeguard your business: trust. Securing your business data and applications from malicious access or tampering rests on trust in more

Rethinking hyper-converged infrastructure

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Change has been ever-present in IT, but it has gained new speed in recent years. The rate of change, however, is subordinate to the magnitude. The transformation we’ve seen in IT in the last few years would register a nine on the Richter scale when it comes to disruption. The key driver of this disruption more

Why hybrid cloud is favored on the road to multicloud

As businesses across the world race to adopt cloud technologies, private cloud and hybrid cloud have become the most popular cloud models. The RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Survey shows the adoption of private cloud has increased to 77 percent, and hybrid cloud to 71 percent. It appears from the survey that the public more