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Storage innovation that drives 21st century business

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Today, IBM Storage — the #2 storage software vendor by revenue market share[1] — is announcing a wide-ranging set of innovations to our software-defined storage (SDS), data protection and storage systems portfolio. Driven by the exponential volumes of data growth and the underlying value in this huge treasure trove of information, many 21st century enterprises more

IBM Storage Utility Offering

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Buy storage capacity your way IBM introduces a procurement method that aligns your capacity costs to your business initiatives  Data creation continues at an explosive rate, and does not appear to be slowing down. Customers look to their IT partners to help solve these problems and often ask… how can I better align my capacity more

Speed, the competitive advantage with flash storage

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The financial sector was one of the earliest adopters of flash storage. The explanation for this is simple: In the financial industry, speed is a competitive advantage.[1] Equities trading provides a good example. As traders began moving to automated systems, the speed of equities transactions increased until they were completing in milliseconds. Human traders couldn’t more

Intelligent security

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Flash storage adoption rates are skyrocketing these days. IT industry analyst firm IDC predicts that 74.5 percent of worldwide business revenue will be flash-based by 2020. The question is – Why are enterprises of all types and sizes so enthusiastically deploying flash storage solutions? There’s only one legitimate answer – because flash really does provide more

Looking for storage performance? No need to wait for NVMe

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The latest buzz in storage is NVM Express (NVMe) and for good reason.  The new interface greatly expands on the capabilities of the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) by utilizing the massive amounts of parallelism available in NAND flash storage.  NVMe is capable of over 65,000 queues in comparison to a single command queue of more

Simply fast business value with IBM FlashSystem 900

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Over the past several years IT industry analysts have insisted that the all-flash market is demanding products that provide a suite of storage services as part of basic offerings.  IBM is not only integrating our industry-leading software-defined storage with IBM FlashCore technology within the IBM FlashSystem family but also providing a wide range of all-flash more