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Better together: Systems of innovation (Part three)

Hybrid cloud, Linux on z, Mainframes

Welcome to the era of rapid digital business innovation, where creating new value for your organization is limited only by your imagination. Working with executive leaders, we’ve envisioned a hybrid cloud architecture that’s enterprise strong and adaptive to industry-domain requirements, by design. It’s a forward-looking platform that will stand the test of time. Based upon more

Open PaaS – hybrid cloud on IBM PureApplication

Looking at the evolution of IBM PureApplication from 2012 to 2016, PureApplication has a bright future. With hundreds of units sold and three versions available (System, Service on SoftLayer and Software), the PureApplication platform has made its way into the IBM cloud management portfolio. Now, the future is more promising than ever. PureApplication is becoming more

Digital transformation with IBM Middleware on cloud

Digital transformation, Software

Disruption across industries Companies of all sizes have the ability to disrupt or face the prospect of being disrupted. And never before have these threats and opportunities been more evident or emerged with such speed. We’ve all witnessed the jarring rise of Uber, SnapChat, and Netflix. Billion-dollar unicorns are popping up in every industry, forcing more