The fastest storage for the fastest system: Summit

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This week in Frankfurt, Summit was crowned the “Fastest System in the World” in the biannual Top500 survey. The ORNL system is the most powerful, with over 200 petaflops of NVIDIA and IBM Power Systems compute, but it is much more. This is no ordinary system. It is purpose-built to use GPUs and excel on more

Meeting the data needs of artificial intelligence

AI, Deep learning, Disk storage...

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly critical role in business. By 2020, 30 percent of organizations that fail to apply AI will not be operationally and economically viable, according to one report[1].  And in a survey, 91 percent of infrastructure and operations leaders cite “data” as a main inhibitor of AI initiatives[2]. What does more

Introducing IBM DeepFlash ESS: Accelerate Your Insights

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Businesses of all types are learning that time to insight is critical for big data workloads. In these workloads, mostly unstructured information is streaming in at high volume and velocity and the analytics from older data are often much less valuable — even useless. To help you solve these storage challenges in big data and more