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OpenPOWER and the future of enterprise IT

Cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are creating a lot of excitement in enterprise IT. However, it is continuous improvement in hardware infrastructure that have made software breakthroughs in these areas possible. OpenPOWER in action I was reminded of this as I watched a project demonstration of IBM OpenPOWER hardware working with […]

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Breaking the barriers of platform virtualization for SAP HANA

Now more than ever, businesses need to move beyond traditional enterprise IT boundaries as they transform. This means delivering new levels of customer service, integrating partners and providing relevant, actionable insights out of all available data. Clients making the digital transformation with IBM and SAP frequently find they achieve maximum business value with solutions that […]

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Don’t be a casualty in the cloud wars

The cloud has become a powerful tool for businesses rapidly developing new products that appeal to the public. Niche businesses that can do this have disrupted existing business models and industries. Traditional businesses are fighting a war against enemies that fight in dynamic spaces, offering users less functionality but a more personalized experience. The applications […]

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