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IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence series: Unlock

Hybrid cloud, Software

Every system has its flaws. There are skeletons in every server and applications that only the wisest of development wizards knows the history and inner workings of. Coincidence? Think again. Outdated development practices and application lifecycle management techniques are leading IT teams into an era where it’s becoming harder to find original subject matter experts ...read more

Digital transformation in the new API economy

DevOps, Mainframes, Servers

 Existing systems have been built up over the years and contain valuable business logic, however this function is now needed for mobile application as part of the digital transformation. This is where DevOps and Modernization play a key role in the transformation of assets into APIs in support of the new API economy. DevOps transformation ...read more

Can DevOps be cognitive? Meet Application Delivery Intelligence

DevOps, Real-time analytics, Workload & resource optimization

A core value of DevOps is for teams to continuously improve how they develop and deliver software. This is done by engaging the entire team in retrospectives at the end of each sprint so they can improve how they work. At IBM, we have a history of applying analytics and now cognitive computing to improve ...read more

IBM mainframe DevOps thought leadership – Imitated but never duplicated

DevOps, Mainframes, Servers

‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – How competitors recognized IBM’s mainframe DevOps thought leadership and followed suit’ In 1964, when the Japanese first came up with the Shinkansen, or high-speed rail, they unleashed a marvel of technological innovation in the rail industry and changed the face of train travel forever. Not only was ...read more

Live or let die: Why mainframe shops need to step up their game

Cloud computing, DevOps, Digital transformation...

Digital transformation is here—Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security and Social, also referred to as CAMSS. But what does it mean to us mainframe shops? Is it an opportunity to save the day, or a path to become marginalized? That is 100% up to you and here is why. The good news: CAMSS puts new requirements on ...read more