A forecast of clouds

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If the latest IDC FutureScape study – Worldwide Enterprise Infrastructure 2018 Predictions – was about the weather instead of IT trends, without doubt the forecast would be for increasing clouds. Of the ten predictions made in the FutureScape study, nearly half relate to public and private cloud in some way. For example, Prediction #5 says ...read more

Expressing the future of business

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The latest FutureScape study just released from leading analyst firm IDC makes a bold prediction: By 2021, NVMe will replace SCSI as the protocol of choice in enterprise-class storage arrays, and more than 25 percent of spending on all-flash arrays will derive from end-to-end NVMe-based systems.[1] For IBM Storage customers, this prediction from IDC can ...read more

The FutureScape of IT

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Information technology is growing faster and smarter – quickly. That’s the news in a nutshell from the latest IDC FutureScape study – Worldwide Enterprise Infrastructure 2018 Predictions. The latest FutureScape[1] study presents IDC’s top ten enterprise infrastructure predictions. For IBM Storage customers, the most important highlights include: NVMe will replace SCSI as the protocol of ...read more

Integration by design: DS8880 and IBM Z

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Through close coordination between engineering and product development teams, IBM DS8880 storage systems and their precursors have maintained a close relationship with IBM mainframe processors. The recent launch of IBM z14 — the latest in a long line of IBM Z mainframe solutions — provides an excellent opportunity to highlight how this close relationship offers ...read more

IBM DS8880 zHyperLinks gives low latency access to storage

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With the advent of mobile computing, 24/7 online banking and other business demands, the pressures to drive transaction processing are greater than ever, and IBM zHyperlink on DS8880 rises to that challenge. With the IBM DS8880 storage system, IBM is making it easy to accelerate transaction processing for the mainframe. The vision On January 10, ...read more

New all-flash solutions for mission-critical environments

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Cognitive applications use built-in machine learning, natural language processing and next-generation interfaces to unlock more value from data assets. Cognitive solutions give access to insights from structured, unstructured, internal and external content to discover trends and patterns that can help inform decision-making, enhance customer service and increase competitive advantage.   As the implementation of cognitive ...read more

All-flash innovation part II: Cognitive business

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For more than half a century, information technology (IT) has helped businesses function with ever-increasing efficiency, speed and intelligence. Going forward, successful companies will be “cognitive businesses”—those able to most effectively exploit sophisticated IT foundations and the explosion of data to more effectively power and improve their revenue and profit bases. IBM is leading the ...read more