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What’s all the buzz about new tech on IBM Cloud Private?

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Have you heard a lot of chatter about cloud containers recently? To indulge my curiosity, I decided to delve deeper into some of these exciting new technologies. I wanted to understand what all that buzz about Docker Swarm and Kubernetes is about. How do these recent developments on IBM Cloud Private redefine the way organizations are more

Cost-efficient high-performance new-generation IT

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New-generation IT management systems help to increase the usable capacity of your existing data centers, without the need to add more servers. It’s not uncommon to double or triple your computing capacity delivering faster answers and greater insights at lower cost. The key is a software capability called cluster virtualization. It is common in high-performance more

IBM Spectrum Conductor: Access, analyze and protect big data

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If your organization uses data to gain competitive advantage, you’re looking to accelerate performance-intensive applications and extract full value from that data. As data volumes continue to explode in size, you’re probably asking: How do we accelerate results by rapidly and efficiently adopting next-generation analytics applications and open source frameworks such as Apache Spark? Are more

Google Hangout: What happens when Docker containers are the norm

Docker is no longer the new kid on the block–in fact, they’re becoming the new norm. Over the past few years, Docker’s container technology has revolutionized the way developers build, ship and run applications. According to a study conducted by Datadog at the end of 2015, two out of three companies that evaluate container technology more