What role do developers play in your organization’s AI journey?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly being adopted by organizations of all sizes and yielding impressive results, transforming businesses and industries globally. While senior executives, managers and senior IT architects are often catalysts for change, it is the developers who are deciding which specific products and technologies individual companies will use on their journey to AI more

WebSphere Cast Iron 7.5: Enhanced Connectivity and Improved Security

Increasingly, businesses are adopting SaaS and other cloud services, and the need for tech like WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition 7.5 is important. That’s because in this environment, the need to connect to existing on-premises solutions and have a clear hybrid strategy is critical. Integration becomes a key business requirement when it comes to adopting SaaS applications. Nearly 90% more

Why use Javascript in a JSF form application

I recently conducted a Webinar on JavaServerFaces. It was part of an educating System Integrators on IBM technologies series. During it, some interesting queries emerged regarding usage of Javascript in JSF. Here, I answer those queries. JSF is a Java specification for building component-based user interfaces for web applications. JSF is primarily a server side MVC framework which means more

SAFe and a DevOps approach help get you to market 75 percent faster

Extensive case studies provided by Scaled Agile, Inc. point to the effectiveness of applying lean and agile principles to the broader enterprise, and experiencing these improvements in business results: ● Twenty to 50 percent increase in productivity ● Thirty to 75 percent faster time to market ● Greater than 50 percent defect reduction ● Increase in employee more