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Build success by boosting your IT leadership skills

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Of all the C-suite roles, CIOs are under the greatest pressure to transform their organizations through digital reinvention and the adoption of emerging technologies. To stay agile and ahead of the curve on tech trends, ongoing training is essential for IT leaders today. In addition to needing deep technical expertise, CIOs and IT managers must more

Six ways to effectively employ Design Thinking

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I’ve been training people in Design Thinking for a few years. When I utter the words, “Design Thinking,” I can place people’s reactions into three categories based upon their eyes: A blank stare, indicating, “What’s that?’ The twinkling eye, suggesting, “Yes, that!” Or, eye rolling, which usually means, “Oh brother, not that.” Addressing the blank more

The top five application and system migration worries

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What do people facing a migration worry about? As a senior technical solutions manager in the IBM Systems Lab Services Migration Factory, I frequently meet with organizations that are considering migrating databases, infrastructure, custom code or independent software applications to IBM Power Systems. Some of these migrations are planned; others are not. Regardless of the more

How to make sure your IT project succeeds

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The sad reality is that most IT projects fail, far exceed budget or are completed well behind schedule. As CIO reported in 2016, 55 percent of IT professionals say they’ve had a project outright fail. But why? We need to understand why so that we can figure out how to improve the success rate. In more

SaaS offering for storage and device management

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Storage and device management (SDM) software is largely invisible outside the IT department, but it is vital for running data-intensive applications. SDM software can be instrumental in diagnosing data performance issues in complex environments. And rapid data growth increases the importance of SDM. My market research for IDC estimated that the SDM software market brought more

Spectrum Scale transparent cloud tiering

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The power of software-defined storage is not to merely lower costs through commodity hardware, it is to harness storage innovations that improve overall economics, performance, resiliency and flexibility. What differentiates one solution from another is the completeness of vision and the robust execution that meets requirements from both end users and storage administrators. IBM Design more