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Different flash for different applications

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One of the most important trends occurring in enterprise storage today is the exponential increase of flash deployments for your cloud, virtualized or traditional data center. Where flash storage was once used only for accelerating the most performance-hungry, high-end databases, flash has spread to all primary storage environments. Flash and its rise in popularity Three more

SaaS offering for storage and device management

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Storage and device management (SDM) software is largely invisible outside the IT department, but it is vital for running data-intensive applications. SDM software can be instrumental in diagnosing data performance issues in complex environments. And rapid data growth increases the importance of SDM. My market research for IDC estimated that the SDM software market brought more

Flash, mainframe and tape synergy win the race

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Designing, building and driving a high-powered race car can actually teach us a lot about why IBM DS8888, IBM z Systems and tape are a very powerful combination. In the 21st century, data has become a very valuable resource for business, and in fact for car racing as well. Take Formula One racing for example. more

Mind the gap

Flash storage, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

When we look at the tremendous data growth organizations are experiencing these days against flat or declining storage budgets, we realize that some organizations face a serious gap. It is possible, however, to bridge the gap by building the right storage foundation–a foundation that will help organizations manage and run data much more efficiently. When more

Evolving high-performance computing to deal with mountains of data

Software-defined computing, System software, Workload & resource optimization

Whether it’s the universe, the Earth’s population, your waistline, or data and compute capacity, coping with expansion is high on everyone’s agenda. Data volumes are expanding in leaps and bounds, while at the same time compute capabilities are being greatly enhanced with technologies like hardware accelerators. Technologies have advanced to store and process massive amounts more