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IBM Elastic Storage Server adds Storage Utility Offering option

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IBM introduces a flexible procurement method that aligns your unstructured data capacity costs to your business initiatives. Buy scale-out file and object storage with cognitive data management your way. Unstructured data creation continues at an explosive and accelerating rate and does not appear to be slowing down. Customers are looking to their trusted IT partners more

An optimized platform for big data and machine learning

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For organization leaders seeking to deploy the most efficient platform for big data analytics, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive applications, IBM and Hortonworks have partnered to certify IBM Spectrum Scale with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) on x86 servers. This adds to previous certifications for IBM Spectrum Scale and HDP on IBM Power servers. IBM more

Accessing the data you need on YOUR terms

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It’s often said that it takes more effort to make a new client than to retain one. Today, however, it is taking a lot more effort just to retain clients, especially with new competitive offerings just a click away. With that in mind, you need to react quickly to keep your clients engaged and retain more

Innovation with less risk

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Innovation not only brings benefits; it quite often leads to new challenges. Such is the case with the relentless increase in disk and solid-state drive (SSD) capacities. Only a few years ago, 1TB drives became available and we were appropriately amazed. Now, capacities offered per drive are rapidly rising past 10TB and more. The greater more

Business is a race. Accelerate it with HPC.

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Competition is fierce with the expanding global nature of business. Much like Formula One racing–the pinnacle of motorsports–agility, repeatable and reliable performance is crucial to win. Formula One is a microcosm of business with design, construction, prototyping and racing all compressed into very tight timelines. Like most businesses, there are constraints dictated by budget and more

Modernizing data management with MongoDB and IBM POWER8

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How is your organization modernizing data management? One of the most compelling, popular ways is with Database as a Service (DBaaS) solutions. It’s easy to understand why–DBaaS starts by reducing the time to procure and install database infrastructure like MongoDB Enterprise Server, and it also makes it much easier to centralize security control, ensure high more

Evolving high-performance computing to deal with mountains of data

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Whether it’s the universe, the Earth’s population, your waistline, or data and compute capacity, coping with expansion is high on everyone’s agenda. Data volumes are expanding in leaps and bounds, while at the same time compute capabilities are being greatly enhanced with technologies like hardware accelerators. Technologies have advanced to store and process massive amounts more

Data Management that Screams!

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Whether you are dealing with Big Data business analytics, or traditional High-Performance Computing, processing of data is crucial to businesses this century. more

Did you know you can cut costs by better managing your data transfers?

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Are you transferring data efficiently? Or is valuable computing power sitting idle in your clustered environment, waiting for files to be moved back and forth—and costing you money? For many organizations, critical workloads often take longer than necessary and use more resources than needed because the right data is not in the right location at the right time. more