Why a multicloud strategy pays off

Hybrid cloud storage, Workload & resource optimization

An enterprise might turn to a multicloud strategy for a variety of reasons. In addition to expanding the business, an enterprise’s CTO or CIO might want to maintain control of the enterprise’s data or utilize different infrastructures and applications for specific business needs. Or they may want to take a cost-effective approach to avoiding downtime ...read more

Insights on data and CTO challenges

Real-time analytics

A conversation with an IT social influencer During InterConnect 2017, we spoke to industry thought leader and prominent social influencer Craig Mullins, president and principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc., about his perspective on the challenges faced by today’s CTOs and the growing complexity of data. Mullins has an extensive background in data and database ...read more

Three ways to align IT with business priorities

IBM Systems Lab Services, Workload & resource optimization

How does your organization view IT? As a competitive business differentiator or merely a necessary cost? Why align business and IT Why worry about business and IT alignment? The short answer is: technology shifts influence every aspect of today’s businesses. According to the Global C-Suite Study, CEOs say technology is the chief external influence on ...read more

6 things you will learn about the connected economy: New research from Harvard Business Review

Platform economics

How can you achieve double-digit growth in the connected economy (CE)? Learning the answer to that question is just one of the six vital reasons to join me on Thursday 16 June 2016, for “Competing in the Connected Economy,” a Harvard Business Review live webinar and event. If you missed it, we have a link ...read more

5 container facts every CIO should know

In the last two years, there’s been over 600 million image downloads from the Docker Hub. It is a sure sign container technology is emerging. So what then do CIOs need to know about containers? According to the dictionary, a “container” is a portable compartment in which freight is placed for the convenience of movement. With ...read more