Where do you run your cloud?

Digital transformation

In recent months, business leaders have intensified discussions on how cloud computing will affect their businesses. They have begun to question whether it is better to choose a public or private cloud. Today, we are seeing that digital transformation leads to cognitive businesses. In this new era, companies require infrastructure that is able to synthesize more

The bedrock of cognitive: Our top five posts from 2015

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is now a mandate for IT leaders, and in 2015 we’ve seen significant trends that underline the importance of building your business on a solid IT infrastructure. Across industries, companies are looking to take advantage of mobile and Internet of Things data, cognitive computing and the API economy to propel their businesses forward. more

Where does data storage fit in with big data?

Digital transformation, Storage

The Internet of Things, cognitive computing and services such as mobile, big data analytics and social media are generating millions of digital data every minute. The amount of information that is being generated in the world in the short and long term is infinite. In this context, it is incredible to think that the majority more

The world is unpredictable, but technological infrastructure is not

Digital transformation

How we live and how we work has changed dramatically. In recent years, we have seen mobile and social technologies transform the way we interact and do business. The data explosion caused by mobile devices and online interaction has made technology networks unpredictable. Now we see the digital revolution making room for the new cognitive more

Can a machine think?

The concept of cognitive is an exciting and intriguing one. We all want to know: how does cognitive factor into my own life, and how will my life change because of it? What are the most deeply personal repercussions of digital transformation in the cognitive era? We asked distinguished IBM engineer Nin Lei to weigh more

Cognitive inspires new digital experiences through the API economy

Dormant data is piling up. Internet of Things devices are producing data at a remarkable rate, and a growing number of APIs are making it possible for us to access, integrate and analyze it. It’s estimated that by 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the more

Embrace SaaS with IBM WebSphere Cast Iron cloud integration

Cloud computing, Software

Who doesn’t want to be on the cloud these days ? The hybrid cloud is a driving force behind digital business transformation and offers many benefits to those who adopt it. However, to support new cloud services and business models, companies must first evolve their IT infrastructure. Cloud integration plays an important role in this more

New turbo compression drives your business into the cognitive era

Hybrid cloud storage, Storage, Workload & resource optimization

IBM is announcing the new IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 Turbo Compression. XIV Gen3 offers the unique advantages of its grid storage architecture to provide a tuning-free cloud storage solution. Its simplified scalability and management design result in dramatically reduced capital outlay and overall operational expenses. The new turbo compression model incorporates a new version more

Three trends in digital transformation: Is your business ready?

Digital transformation

The world has entered a new era of computing. Oceans of data are flowing from every device in the Internet of Things (IoT)—phones, cars, health monitors, home appliances and more. This wealth of data provides new opportunities to derive insights that can help you understand and better engage customers. Businesses are partnering for faster innovation more