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The cognitive impact on technology: An investor’s viewpoint

AI, Blockchain, Mainframes...

Hardly an industry today can escape disruption. New technologies and business models compel CTOs and IT leaders to seek innovative ways to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve. But they face challenges understanding the role and impact of cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning when integrating them into their existing more

Leading the way to digital transformation

IBM Systems Lab Services

In less than a decade, the proliferation of digital technologies ― social, mobile and cloud computing ― has revolutionized relationships between clients and business, and produced new ways of delivering and consuming information. Interactions between brands and consumers are now constant, instantaneous and multidimensional. These changes provide vast opportunities for companies able to move quickly more

Keeping the air-conditioning running in the cognitive era

The heat is on—and for many people throughout the world, keeping the air-conditioning running is critically important this time of year. IBM cognitive analytics is playing an expanding role in keeping utilities running—and providing customers with power, even during high-demand periods of electricity use. Global energy demand is set to grow 37 percent by 2040. more

Intelligent infrastructure for the cognitive era at IBM Edge 2016

Organizations spanning industry sectors are rushing to embrace the transformative power of cognitive computing. It enables them to gain valuable insights that can lead to advanced outcomes—everything from outthinking the competition to giving society the ability to solve our most pressing problems. For example, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) uses cognitive technology to improve the more

A new era for technology

In recent years, a confluence of changes has created an unprecedented disruption in businesses and enterprises, leading the technology industry to evolve and transform dramatically. The most significant changes are the following: enterprises have higher expectations of what technology can do for their businesses, the CIO is now seen as a technology consultant, and business more

Cognitive in action: 3 new IBM IBV studies on travel loyalty

IBM is committed to helping our travel clients thrive, and one way we do so is by sharing our thinking about the future of the industry. In our recently released travel loyalty series, the IBM Institute for Business Value articulates a clear vision for how travel companies can get more from their travel loyalty programs more

The race for cognitive insights at the speed of thought


Attention: Once upon a time there was so much data no one knew what to do. Then cognitive innovation came along and unlocked all of the data secrets and everything was perfect.  The end. Sounds familiar, right?  In its longer form it goes like this: By 2011, the human race had generated 1.8 zettabytes of more

Reimagining IT infrastructure for the cognitive era

IBM Systems Lab Services

There’s an old entrepreneur’s adage: “The pioneers get the arrows and settlers get the land.”   In today’s connected economy we are seeing pioneers get the land and settlers end up paying the rent! We know that the new connected economy is real and that all businesses are going digital.  This shift is changing how people, more

Serving Wimbledon fans worldwide with IBM systems

Real-time analytics

Not every tennis fan can attend Wimbledon in person, but The Championships’ partnership with IBM provide the next-best thing by delivering a highly immersive experience to fans worldwide—in near real time. IBM is improving the fan and media experience at the Wimbledon Fortnight this year using the same solutions that it uses to transform organizations more