Faster business decisions with the help of hybrid cloud

Across all industries, today’s digital businesses are facing a pressing need for speed and efficiency of their operations to meet the increased demand for personalized self-service. They need to be able to tailor offers to an individual, experiment rapidly with new business models, and innovate faster than the competition. Businesses want to deliver a consistent more

Hey you, get on my cloud!

Software-defined computing, System software

IBM Platform LSF is a complete workload management family of products for high-performance computing. It provides a comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features that enable you to utilize all of your compute infrastructure resources and ensure optimal application performance. more

The IBM PureApplication Business Value Assessment process at work – Part two

The second part of my discussion with Beatriz Friedmann of the The IBM Institute for Business Value has arrived. We chatted about IBM PureApplication and the ways it adds value to your business. Part one of our conversations is here. Below, we look into use cases of IBM PureApplication and the Business Value Assessment process and more

Move your existing app server topology to the cloud in minutes, not days

What if you could cut down time and effort it takes to move your existing app server topology to the cloud? Did you know that IBM Application Server on Cloud allows you to lift and shift your traditional WebSphere Application Server workloads to a pre-optimized environment on the cloud? Click the infographic below to find more

The IBM PureApplication Business Value Assessment process at work

C-level executives and their procurement teams are continually challenged to make investments that maximize benefit and deliver the most value possible to their organizations. But it can be tricky to understand the short- and long-term benefits and the true value of an infrastructure and software investment. Not only are real costs involved, but lost opportunity more

Your app server on the cloud right now

This is the one phrase that Every IT manager dreads hearing, “As a service.” Why? They hear it every day from developers, clients and stakeholders wanting everything “as a service,” whether it’s software, infrastructure, or services. “As a service” is a broad phrase that requires IT Managers to create a new and creative way to more

The newest IBM PureApplication sibling: PureApplication Software

It was a great IBM InterConnect 2015. Afterward, I had a long flight from Las Vegas home on the opposite coast of the country. The length of the trip gave me time to ponder the world of hybrid cloud, especially because, much to my dismay, the in-flight entertainment system was broken. Also, I had forgotten to recharge more

New From IBM PureApplication System at IBM InterConnect 2015

Coincidence? I think not. Just after the grand opening of IBM InterConnect 2015 came another important announcement: IBM PureApplication System V2.1, along with additional thrilling news for the PureSystems family. In a crowded room, Marc Haberkorn, PureApplication Program Director, took the audience through three major paradigm shifts for PureApp. As a platform that had already reached more

The surprising differences between IBM PureApplication and IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Sure. Differences exist between IBM PureApplication and IBM Cloud Orchestrator. But truthfully, I find they are much more complimentary and used together than clients may realize. IBM Cloud Orchestrator provides cloud management capabilities allowing the speed-up service delivery of IT services. Since it is based on open standards, it lets you manage heterogeneous public, private more