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Integrating IBM Cloud Automation Manager, PowerVC and IBM Cloud Private

Cloud computing, IBM Systems Lab Services, Power Systems

It’s evident that a “one-cloud-fits-all” approach doesn’t always work, and the IBM Systems Lab Services team’s work on thousands of IBM client engagements demonstrates this. Organizations are now using multiple clouds and integrating them with existing IT systems to generate more value. To compete successfully in today’s dynamic era of multi-cloud, you need flexibility and more

Enhance your IBM PowerVC experience with DevOps

Cloud computing, DevOps, IBM Systems Lab Services...

Have you been thinking about taking your IBM Power Systems virtualization to the next level? What about workload orchestration and DevOps integration? Have these been in a wish list that you never get to? Don’t worry, help is on the way. IBM PowerVC has been around for over five years now and has matured into more

Eight tips for working with a cloud service provider

Cloud computing, IBM Systems Lab Services

Technologies like cloud computing have created new challenges for CIOs and IT teams, but working with a cloud service provider (CSP) can relieve some of that pressure. How can your CIO and IT organization ensure that your CSP is doing the right things? Here are eight tips to get you asking the right questions: 1. more

“It’s complicated”: How cloud computing challenges today’s CIO

Cloud computing, IBM Systems Lab Services

I’m a technical advisor to IT teams, and that means at some point most of my conversations include the phrase: “It’s complicated.” This phrase is particularly pertinent when it involves cloud computing. Cloud is a major topic of conversation in CIO corners these days, and it is discussed as both a potential saving grace and more

Google Hangout: How companies are succeeding with IBM i

Power servers, Power Systems

It’s no secret: in the age of social media and instant insights, customer expectations have changed. People use social networks and applications for entertainment, shopping, socializing and even work-life balance. How can businesses best respond to this shift and take advantage of opportunities to innovate, differentiate and grow? Moreover, how can they do all this more

Drivers’ ed for cloud services

Cloud computing, Data security

One thing I can’t stand is change. If you’ve got something that’s working, why fiddle with it? However, a second thing I can’t stand is failure—and my dislike of failure far exceeds my dislike of change. As I’m sure you’re tired of hearing by now, information technology is all about change. If you can’t change more