Build success by boosting your IT leadership skills

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Of all the C-suite roles, CIOs are under the greatest pressure to transform their organizations through digital reinvention and the adoption of emerging technologies. To stay agile and ahead of the curve on tech trends, ongoing training is essential for IT leaders today. In addition to needing deep technical expertise, CIOs and IT managers must more

Why a multicloud strategy pays off

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An enterprise might turn to a multicloud strategy for a variety of reasons. In addition to expanding the business, an enterprise’s CTO or CIO might want to maintain control of the enterprise’s data or utilize different infrastructures and applications for specific business needs. Or they may want to take a cost-effective approach to avoiding downtime more

Three ways to align IT with business priorities

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How does your organization view IT? As a competitive business differentiator or merely a necessary cost? Why align business and IT Why worry about business and IT alignment? The short answer is: technology shifts influence every aspect of today’s businesses. According to the Global C-Suite Study, CEOs say technology is the chief external influence on more

Eight tips for working with a cloud service provider

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Technologies like cloud computing have created new challenges for CIOs and IT teams, but working with a cloud service provider (CSP) can relieve some of that pressure. How can your CIO and IT organization ensure that your CSP is doing the right things? Here are eight tips to get you asking the right questions: 1. more

Leading the way to digital transformation

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In less than a decade, the proliferation of digital technologies ― social, mobile and cloud computing ― has revolutionized relationships between clients and business, and produced new ways of delivering and consuming information. Interactions between brands and consumers are now constant, instantaneous and multidimensional. These changes provide vast opportunities for companies able to move quickly more

“It’s complicated”: How cloud computing challenges today’s CIO

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I’m a technical advisor to IT teams, and that means at some point most of my conversations include the phrase: “It’s complicated.” This phrase is particularly pertinent when it involves cloud computing. Cloud is a major topic of conversation in CIO corners these days, and it is discussed as both a potential saving grace and more

CIO influence and counsel

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Across the globe, there are major business schools that educate CEOs, CFOs and COOs on how to effectively operate businesses. Their work is recognized as pivotal and influential for the success of companies. Consider, however, the importance of Chief Information Officers (CIOs). CIOs must also be visionaries, innovators, business leaders, technology managers and increasingly: catalysts more

6 things you will learn about the connected economy: New research from Harvard Business Review

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How can you achieve double-digit growth in the connected economy (CE)? Learning the answer to that question is just one of the six vital reasons to join me on Thursday 16 June 2016, for “Competing in the Connected Economy,” a Harvard Business Review live webinar and event. If you missed it, we have a link more

5 Innovation Stoppers Today

Innovation and disruption are top of mind for leaders across all industries as companies strive to continually reinvent themselves. Why? Innovation extend company lifelines, but numbers suggest that more companies need an innovation boost. A half century ago, the life expectancy of a firm in the Fortune 500 was around 75 years. Flashforward to now, and that more