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Improving operational decisions in healthcare with data

Real-time analytics

As big data abounds from sources all around us, the healthcare industry is poised to act on this data and deliver better service to patients, caregivers, and practitioners. In the United States, there is a dramatic increase in the meaningful use of EHR technology (see along with the need to move from Stage 1: more

When hybrid cloud is your one cloud

Cloud computing, Mainframes

How do you ensure you can provide services in a managed, controlled fashion and still yet be able to support the demands of your customers? There seems to be a conflict of interest: lines of business and app developers are looking for ease of consumption; Central IT needs to ensure ease of management. A few more

Faster business decisions with the help of hybrid cloud

Across all industries, today’s digital businesses are facing a pressing need for speed and efficiency of their operations to meet the increased demand for personalized self-service. They need to be able to tailor offers to an individual, experiment rapidly with new business models, and innovate faster than the competition. Businesses want to deliver a consistent more

How BPM is providing healthcare as unique as your DNA

There are over 7.2 billion people on this earth, and every single one of us is unique. Yet, since the beginning of modern medicine, medical practices and standards have been based on a one-size-fits-all system. In reality, our different genetic makeups often result in very different reactions to the same medical treatments. These differing reactions more