Big Data

Open technologies enable digital transformation

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The world is going through massive changes and it’s transforming how business is done in every industry. In the current cognitive era in where everything is being redesigned by data, remade in the cloud and rewritten in code, companies are discovering new business models and consumers are being engaged in new and different ways. To more

Don’t Be a Big Data Dinosaur

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Putting big data analytics to work is not an event, it is a process. And it is a process that is constantly changing. It’s important to be aware of the ways in which that change could leave your organization behind if, like a dinosaur, it does not evolve to keep up. There are very few more

IBM Platform Cluster Manager – how do you like your eggs?

Software-defined computing, System software

With the varied workloads we see in modern HPC centers, ranging from traditional HPC to Big Data and Analytics, organizations may also consider building out heterogeneous environments, where different hardware types are used for different workloads. more

The truth about real-time analytics in the era of big data

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Every day we see the impact of real-time analytics and personalization on modern business. Mobile has been the ultimate catalyst, driving new customer experiences that are tailored to the individual, as data fuels a race to provide more value than competitors do. The emergence of the open data economy is enabling access to entirely new more