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Improving chip yield rates with cognitive manufacturing

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When we think about manufacturing in electronics we usually think about the assembly of the final product, rather than the manufacture of all of the individual components.  Right at the start of the supply chain are the microchips themselves.  As components, they are relatively cheap per unit, but the design complexity and manufacturing setup costs more

Assembling an all-star team for HPC and beyond

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While many organizations have embraced HPC and big data as part of an overall strategy to drive competitiveness, the uptake of these methods is not universal.  Some organizations without the in-house skills, struggle to deploy and maintain HPC environments.  This raises many concerns including the ones below: My user base consists of research and data more

Vision recognized for IBM Storage and SDI

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The vision of IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is to offer the broadest storage portfolio in the industry, which is optimized for innovation and execution around delivering cognitive and hybrid cloud solutions. But how do we know if we are truly executing our vision? More important, how do our clients know? The recognition more

Fueling the next generation of cognitive business

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When we speak of performance, the only performance that matters is the one applications and users experience. Cognitive applications, big data analytics, mobile and social systems of engagement and hybrid cloud architectures all offer powerful new solutions for business. But they also increase expectations for IT infrastructure performance. IBM has responded with a comprehensive portfolio more

Power Systems and FlashSystem accelerate cognitive business

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Cloud computing, big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and social systems of engagement, artificial intelligence and cognitive systems – these are 21st century applications, workloads and use cases that demand processor and storage performance beyond what traditional systems were ever designed to provide. Enterprises that look to be leaders in the new more

China’s pursuit of cognitive innovation

How do you increase business competitiveness and better connect with customers? How do you minimize the side effects of rapid growth—without stalling growth? These issues can be found throughout the world, and some of the questions they raise are being answered in China. From air quality to transportation services, government and businesses in China are more

Intelligent infrastructure for the cognitive era at IBM Edge 2016

Organizations spanning industry sectors are rushing to embrace the transformative power of cognitive computing. It enables them to gain valuable insights that can lead to advanced outcomes—everything from outthinking the competition to giving society the ability to solve our most pressing problems. For example, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) uses cognitive technology to improve the more

DeepFlash for deeper insights

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After you peel away all of the less-crucial layers, enterprise storage becomes relatively simple–it’s all about business use cases, applications and workloads. Storage that helps you maximize the performance of your particular business while doing the best job of meeting your unique application or workload requirements is the right storage for you. DeepFlash 150 deserves more

Serving Wimbledon fans worldwide with IBM systems

Real-time analytics

Not every tennis fan can attend Wimbledon in person, but The Championships’ partnership with IBM provide the next-best thing by delivering a highly immersive experience to fans worldwide—in near real time. IBM is improving the fan and media experience at the Wimbledon Fortnight this year using the same solutions that it uses to transform organizations more