Innovating Deployment for Critical Applications

Cloud object storage, Flash storage, Hybrid cloud storage...

These days, the business world is changing rapidly. Data-driven enterprises need IT solutions that are evolving and improving as quickly as the companies themselves. Recent announcements from IBM Storage demonstrate that IBM is continuing to provide leading-edge data management and storage innovation across the entire information lifecycle, from creation to archive. IBM Spectrum Scale, a more

Deep learning & HPC applications get even faster

AI, Deep learning, Digital transformation...

Data is coming at us from every direction, and it’s up to data scientists and IT leaders to make sense of it by cleaning, processing and extracting actionable insights. It can be challenging enough to prepare your data pipeline, and once you complete this task, you don’t want hardware components to limit your ability to more

Tackling technical risk in custom code application migration

IBM Systems Lab Services, Power servers, Power Systems

It’s not exactly newsworthy that most companies don’t like migrations. They’re viewed as disruptive, risky and costly, and IT teams usually have a laundry list of worries about what might go wrong. Technical risk is probably the most common migration worry, and the potential technical issues that can arise vary depending on the type of more

Tackling the number one migration worry: Technology risk

IBM Systems Lab Services, Power servers, Power Systems

I recently wrote about the top five application and system migration worries organizations face when a change in technology platforms is required, and I promised to delve into each of them in more detail in subsequent posts. Before taking a deeper look into each of the five worries, I set out a basic framework for more

Advanced GPS for your DevOps journey


With modern GPS becoming pervasive, we often take maps for granted. It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when maps simply didn’t exist. I find it interesting that the first maps weren’t even of the earth – they were of the stars. On a more terrestrial front, one of the oldest intact maps more

IBM Spectrum Conductor: Access, analyze and protect big data

Software-defined computing, Software-defined storage, Storage...

If your organization uses data to gain competitive advantage, you’re looking to accelerate performance-intensive applications and extract full value from that data. As data volumes continue to explode in size, you’re probably asking: How do we accelerate results by rapidly and efficiently adopting next-generation analytics applications and open source frameworks such as Apache Spark? Are more

The cloud event of the year is coming to a city near you!

You know you need to address the cloud mandate, yet challenges exist connecting on-premises data and applications with new cloud services. How do you drive innovation through technology while managing security and containing costs? How do you use your expertise to help your company modernize and succeed in this ever-changing world? Engage in a half more

Jewel mining in the cloud: Expose the value in existing applications

Cloud computing, Mainframes, Software

Imagine a world where people walk by precious jewels because they’re caught up following a crowd and not observing their surroundings. This scene describes what is happening in today’s IT world. Most organizations are so focused on using cloud technology that they’re missing both the hidden jewels that currently sit in their data center and more