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Looking for new IBM Cloud content? We’re moving! Going forward, we will be publishing all new blog posts relating to Cloud Integration and Middleware topics on the Thoughts on Cloud blog. We’re moving these topics to make it as easy as possible for readers to find news and stories about IBM Cloud that they care more

Is cloud the driving force behind digital disruption?

In the race to succeed, disruption is a constant.  In fact, did you know that according to the IDC, 1/3 of the top 20 companies in every industry will be disrupted over the next 3 years?  The challenges are clear.  To keep customers coming back you need a customer experience that never disappoints and a more

More than vapor: The IT foundation to make cloud work

Cloud computing, Mainframes

When someone says cloud, what do you think of? Fluffy-looking things in the sky? Something that stores photos or music out there somewhere? Maybe, it’s even a virtual instance of Linux on an x86 box? These are all common notions of cloud, but as the cloud becomes more pervasive we should think about it in more

The cloud event of the year is coming to a city near you!

You know you need to address the cloud mandate, yet challenges exist connecting on-premises data and applications with new cloud services. How do you drive innovation through technology while managing security and containing costs? How do you use your expertise to help your company modernize and succeed in this ever-changing world? Engage in a half more

Accelerate your app delivery in Cisco environments

If you are personally involved in bringing applications to market, I’m sure you are feeling the pressure to deliver those apps faster and faster. Are you using a Cisco UCS and VersaStack infrastructure? You’ll want to read this blog post to learn about how you can easily add IBM PureApplication Software to your infrastructure to more

Three ways to improve your application delivery

If I had a dollar for every time someone said “hybrid cloud,” I’d be a very rich person. Why? After spending the past few days at IBM InterConnect 2016, hybrid cloud has been at the forefront of every conversation-–and for good reason. It’s becoming the primary way businesses are creating new cloud apps with speed more

Three can’t-miss PureApp activities at IBM InterConnect 2016

It’s almost that time of year! IBM InterConnect 2016 is coming up on February 21 – 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada and it’s an event you don’t want to miss. Join clients, business partners, vendors, sponsors, colleagues and more–over 24,000 expected–and learn about the most important emerging technologies and best practices that can help your more

Google Hangout: What happens when Docker containers are the norm

Docker is no longer the new kid on the block–in fact, they’re becoming the new norm. Over the past few years, Docker’s container technology has revolutionized the way developers build, ship and run applications. According to a study conducted by Datadog at the end of 2015, two out of three companies that evaluate container technology more

WebSphere Cast Iron 7.5: Enhanced Connectivity and Improved Security

Increasingly, businesses are adopting SaaS and other cloud services, and the need for tech like WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition 7.5 is important. That’s because in this environment, the need to connect to existing on-premises solutions and have a clear hybrid strategy is critical. Integration becomes a key business requirement when it comes to adopting SaaS applications. Nearly 90% more