Connect and automate your business with IBM App Connect

We’re living through an app explosion Think about all of the applications lines of business rely on to get their work done: Customer relationship management (CRM) apps, marketing automation apps, social apps, sales and HR apps and more! Inside and outside the enterprise, these apps are diversifying rapidly. For example, last year the marketing technology ...read more

Jewel mining in the cloud: Expose the value in existing applications

Cloud computing, Mainframes, Software

Imagine a world where people walk by precious jewels because they’re caught up following a crowd and not observing their surroundings. This scene describes what is happening in today’s IT world. Most organizations are so focused on using cloud technology that they’re missing both the hidden jewels that currently sit in their data center and ...read more

Making hybrid cloud easier with VMware and IBM Systems

Mainframes, Power servers, Power Systems...

Hybrid clouds are a topic most IT organizations are starting to explore. By 2017 80 percent of enterprises are expected to adopt the hybrid cloud model according to the IDC. Companies are moving to hybrid clouds because they provide both a public cloud where applications can be developed and deployed quickly and a private cloud ...read more

IBM API Connect – powering the new channel

What do the following scenarios have in common? A consumer purchases a car, initiates a bank loan, and obtains insurance in a single transaction with a company that does not own any of these assets. A commuter is heading home from work after a long day. It is hot and the train is running 10 ...read more

Is your enterprise ready for the API economy?

Hybrid cloud, Mainframes

Think for a moment about the way we do business today and how that’s changed in recent years. Instead of in-person meetings and phone calls, our interactions happen largely through messages, videos and posts using laptops, smart phones and other mobile devices. The digital world has transformed the way we communicate and get work done, ...read more

Put on your gold mining gear – The API revolution is upon us

API-based solutions are an absolute must-have for 2016 and going forward. I’m willing to go as far as to say that they are one of the most valuable business technologies just waiting to be explored and utilized by companies of all sizes. Simply put, an API (or application program interface) is an interface which can ...read more

APIs: Is your strategy connected?

Social media is the best way to amplify your business to new customers, right? Yes, but I think it is time we give credit where credit is due. Social media is enabled through a background system of calls and actions that helpe us to network in the digital age. These calls and actions, also known ...read more

Touring with IBM technology – Vintage style

What if we combined a 1930s vintage Riley sports car with the most modern IBM IoT & Messaging software, along with some electronic sensory equipment? Mixing the new with the old creates interesting results showing that technology is not limited to the back office. In September 2015 Mark Barnard set out on a European tour ...read more

Teaming up in the API economy

Data is big business. The API economy is even bigger. And the resulting potential for any organization is high. However, data and the API economy are also blurring the boundaries of business and IT. You need a way to not only make sure everyone collaborates, but also achieves your organization’s goals. Long gone are the ...read more