A sneak peek of the Think 2019 Infrastructure campus

AI, Big data & analytics, Cloud computing...

“It can be hard to keep up with all of the technology shifts and changes these days. IBM Think helps me because it addresses all of them including AI, cloud, analytics, infrastructure, security, and even nascent trends like quantum computing!” – Craig S. Mullins, President & Principal Consultant, Mullins Consulting Inc. Think 2019 is fast ...read more

Accelerating value in the API economy with mainframe

Blockchain, Cloud computing, Data security...

In today’s vastly interconnected world, the places for lone islands of business to prosper are few and far between. Organizations are built on trade, and market leaders collaborate for new opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage. Over 70 percent of CxOs are seeking to increase their partnerships, and in this digital marketplace, application programming interfaces (APIs) ...read more

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence: Value


The API economy is a hot topic. This pioneering shift in the market is creating whole new channels of engagement in the IT marketplace. In case the term “API economy” is new to you (it was to everyone at one point, don’t feel bad), here’s a quick definition: “In the API economy, application programming interfaces ...read more

Unlock hybrid clouds at InterConnect 2017

Hybrid cloud, Mainframes

Today, having a hybrid cloud strategy doesn’t set you apart.  What does is being able to create business value by taking advantage of hybrid cloud. With unmatched scalability, security and reliability, IBM z Systems provides the foundation for modern and agile services needed by organizations today.  By taking advantage of offerings that simplify the management ...read more

IBM named a leader in the Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q4 2016

Digital transformations are built on a foundation of APIs. Success in today’s digital economy requires the creation, use, and management of APIs. This means picking the proper API management solution key.  That is why we are proud to announce that IBM has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2016*. ...read more

What will be the hottest sessions around blockchain at Sibos?


Heading to Sibos 2016 in Geneva this year? You’re not alone! Only a few weeks remain until the world’s largest premier financial services event. More than 8000 business leaders, decision-makers and experts from around the world will discover how blockchain networks are driving innovation across financial services and banking. Banks, investment banks and financial marketplaces ...read more

What playing with building blocks can teach you about app development

If you’re like me, you enjoyed playing with toy building blocks growing up. I distinctly remember sitting for hours, creating all kinds of buildings, cars, planes and a number of unidentifiable structures out of these little blocks. The building process is just as important as the management process, so let’s connect toy blocks to IBM ...read more

Architect the customer experience in today’s API economy

In today’s digital economy, business and technology leaders are taking the challenge head-on to be competitive in the market.   The main challenge: pushing innovation to the edge, and allowing everyone in the organization to innovate while still protecting brand and design for long-term sustainability.   How do you remain innovative by bringing the latest app or ...read more

More than vapor: The IT foundation to make cloud work

Cloud computing, Mainframes

When someone says cloud, what do you think of? Fluffy-looking things in the sky? Something that stores photos or music out there somewhere? Maybe, it’s even a virtual instance of Linux on an x86 box? These are all common notions of cloud, but as the cloud becomes more pervasive we should think about it in ...read more